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Unlawful Wounding Case – 3 Prisoners Discharged

November 1909

Leeds Mercury November 17, 1909

Unlawful Wounding Case
Three Doncaster Prisoners Discharged

The charge of unlawfully wounding at Bolton on Dearne was again preferred at Doncaster yesterday, against Hugh Flannery, Joseph Cocklin, and William Hayes

Patrick Killgallan is responsible for the charging

Mr F Allen, for the prisoners, describe the statements of the witnesses for the prosecution as the flattest and most disgraceful perjury.

The witnesses for the defence would say that Killgallan was disorderly and riotous. Flannery was the only man present at the time of the alleged assault. Killgallan had been the aggressor, causing disturbances for some time and struggling with Flannery and the four at Coughlin’s house. Others joined in the fight, and Killgallan received his injuries from bottles thrown by James Cryne. Mrs Cryne used a porker indiscriminately and Mary broke a sweeping brush over Flannery’s head.

The magistrates stopped the case and discharged the men.