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South Yorkshire Firms 1968 – William Sugden Ltd

January 1968

South Yorkshire Times January 20, 1968

South Yorkshire firms face 1968 with a wait and see policy while the Government reveal their policy for the future.

The package that Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Wilson, disclosed on Tuesday has made the way no clearer for local industrialists, except for those who are directing their sales to export.

Most firms in the area receive their livelihood from home sales and their hopes for future expansion will rest to some extent on the Budget, which seems at the moment to promise a reduction in consumer spending at home.

All firms are optimistic. Quite a lot of firms have planned building extensions in the pipeline.

William Sugden Ltd

Looking hack on 1967 we found it no easy year, but we are pleased to say that we sold more jeans in the last half of 1967 that we did in the corresponding period of 1966.

The new factory is established with more than 90 people employed there, and let us hope that the future is not as black as is being forecast and we will be in a position to fill it by the end of 1968.

At this point in time it is impossible to forecast what difficulties we are going to meet in the year ahead. There is no doubt about the economic state that our country is in, but if we are told the truth we’ll stand up to it.

Our finest hour is when we are faced with blood, toil, tears and sweat. We believe in Britain and with this attitude we can face 1968 with confidence.