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Bolton-On-Dearne  Disturbance 

May 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 23 May 1928

Bolton-On-Dearne  Disturbance 

Three West Melton brothers were involved in a disturbance at Bolton-on-Dearne on May  5th which had a sequel in the Doncaster West  Riding Court, yesterday, when George,  Sjdney, and Lawrence Kitchen, miners, were  summoned for using obscene language,  damaging a window to the extent of £3. and  a gramophone to the extent of £7, and for  assaulting Arthur Critchley, miner, of 53,  Dearne Road, Bolton-on-Dearne.

The men were fined £1 each for using obscene language, and the other three charges  they were sent to prison for one month each  charge, the sentences to be concurrent. They  were also bound over for 12 months.