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Bolton House Bombarded – Melton Brothers’ Savage Behaviour

June 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 1, 1928

Bolton House Bombarded

Melton Brothers’ Savage Behaviour

A disturbance at Bolton-on-Dearne on May 5th when the window of a miner’s house in Dearne Road, was broken, and a gramophone smashed, resulted in the appearance at Doncaster on Tuesday of three West Melton brothers, George, Sydney and Lawrence Kitchen, all miners.

They were five summonses against defendants – they were summoned by the police for having used obscene: language; by Mr. C. H. Frith, the owner of the property for having damaged a window ; by Fred Critchley, miner’ of 59. Dearne Road, Bolton, for having damaged gramophone; and by Arthur Critchley, Rimer, for assault.

On the first charge they were each fined 20s and on each charge of wilful damage and assault each defendant was committed to prison for one month, the sentences to be concurrent. In addition they were bound  over.

P.-c. Bainbridge said he was called to the Critchleys’ home at midnight on May 5th. He heard defendants making use although obscene language toward Critchley, Junior and his brothers; and it was not until ed he t threatened to arrest them that, they retired to the home of George Ktchen. Defendants smelt strongly of drink

Mr. F .E.Hall. prosecuting in the other charges, said that about midnight, Arthur Critchley  was in his home with his parents, when be heard a knocking, at the door. On going to the door Critchley heard one of the defendants coal to him to “come out and fight.” He told them to go away, and George kitchen said: “If you don’t come out I will come in.”

He attempted to carry out the threat but Critchley prevented him. Immediately afterwards a stone was thrown followed, damaging the plaster on the opposite side of the room, and hitting Fred Critchley on the foot. Two other stones were thrown, and the window was shattereThe Critchley family retired into another room, while                Critchley went for the police.While he was away defendants went into the house hacking at the door with some sharp instrument; and taking the gramophone out, they dropped it on to the ground, smashing it deliberately.

When Critchley returned he went into a neighbour’s house. The defendants followed him, kicked ‘him, and one of them bit his arm. The constable arrived and managed to get them away;- and he warned them that if they did not go away he would lock them up.

Evidence of tile damage, and assault was given by Arthur Critchley, Susannah Unwin, widow, of Dearne Road, Bolton.; Charles Henry Firth, the owner of the property, who estimated the damage to the house at not less than £3; and Fred Critchley, of Dearne Road, Bolton.

P.-c. Bainbridge said when. lie arrived at the house the gramophone was squashed ” as flat as a shilling!’ –

Defendants alleged that Critchley was the aggressor. George Kitchen said he was hit on the head with a poker and knocked unconscious He admitted he had had a lot of drink.

Insp. Taylor raid George Kitchen had been previously find for assault; Sidney had a Previous conviction for a minor offence; and Lawrence had been before the court on eight occasions since 1913. His offences included common assault and drunk and disorderly. The brothers appeared to work together, added the Inspector.

On being told that lie would have to go to prison for one month, George Kitchen remarked : ” Thank you, sir I hope you have a good holiday.”