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Assault in Workmen’s Club – Attacked the President

January 1909

Sheffield evening Telegraph January 9, 1909.

Attacked the President
Assault in Goldthorpe Workmen’s Club

at the West Riding Court, Doncaster, today, Henry Mattlebeck, miner of Goldthorpe, was summoned for assaulting William Russell, district councillor for Bolton on Dearne and president of the Goldthorpe workmen’s club, on December 30, Mr Baddiley appeared for the prosecution.

It was stated that the defendant, was a member of the Goldthorpe club, had been suspended for 12 months for using bad language to the steward and stewardess. After the meeting the defendant was in the club. Two members complained of his filthy language, a complainant told me had no right in the club and ordered him to leave.

The defendant was playing billiards, and seizing hold of the thin end of the cue threatened to knock complainant’s head off. Complainant went into the bar and while he was talking to Mr Lewis, defendant came from struck him on the mouth, splitting his lip. He was seized, and was prevented from repeating the assault.

Cross-examined, the complainant denied he called the defendant foul names.

A fine of 40 shillings including costs was imposed.