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1947 Quarter 2

Bolton Boys Hand Injured by Exploding Cartridge

May 1947
South Yorkshire Times May 31, 1947 Nine year old Harry Baxter, eldest son of Mr and Mrs CH Baxter, 69 The Present, Bolton, is in...

Dearne Modern School Refresher Course

May 1947
South Yorkshire Times May 17, 1947 Chosen pupils of Bolton on Dearne Modern School wait upon student teachers who have been from other West Riding...

Five Day Week – Early Impressions Favourable

May 1947
South Yorkshire Times, May 17, 1947 First Five Days Output Ups And Downs Early Impressions Favourable South Yorkshire pits generally played a commendable part in the flying start...

Splendid Service During Blizzard – Newsagents Never Failed

10 May 1947
South Yorkshire Times May 10, 1947 Newsagents Never Failed Splendid Service During Blizzard Commended “Times” Dinner Tributes to the newsagent of the area for their self-denying service...

Willie Watson Test Trial

June 1947
South Yorkshire Times, June 21, 1947 Congratulations to noted Boltonian Willie Watson, on getting his County Cap. This stout Yorkshire left hander is now being tipped...