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Five Day Week – Early Impressions Favourable

May 1947

South Yorkshire Times, May 17, 1947

First Five Days
Output Ups And Downs
Early Impressions Favourable

South Yorkshire pits generally played a commendable part in the flying start the Yorkshire coalfield made in beating their target in their first five-day week which ended on Saturday. This account produced eight and 48,000 tons of coal “raised and weighed,” 7.000 tons more than approaching the last five and half day week

Here are some production figures from local pits:


Cortonwood which is a 60 target of 11,600 tons, produced 12,895 tons, the highest output of the year.


Denaby Main Colliery, which recently increased its target from 11,000 tons to 11,750 tons for five and after a week, came within 17 tons of that target in the first five day period. The previous week in the last five and half day week they were just five tons short of the target


A capital report is to hand from Cadeby colliery, where the target was easily smashed. First five-day week production figures were 10,420 tons against 9,504 during the last 5 ½ day week.


From South Yorkshire’s “great little pit” comes another report of a target smashed. A total of 1,987 tons was reached in the last 5 ½ day week; the first five-day week brought an output of 2,118 tons.

Wath Main

Output was 10,065 tons compared with 10,516 during the week ended May 3.


Production figures amounted to 15,719 tons during the week ended Saturday compared with 16,194 tons the previous week.

Hickleton Main

At Hickleton output at 19,983 tons was 138 tons less than production during the final 5 ½ day week.


Goldthorpe Colliery saw an increase on production, figures being 1,781 tons against 1,604 the previous week.


first five-day week figures at Kilnhurst colliery shall output of 3,922 tons against 4,848 the previous week.

Barnburgh Main

Barbara Main kept up with a production of 12 860 tons to within 51 tons of the figures achieved in its last 5 ½ they week

Darfield Main

The target of 5,750 tons was broken with an output of 6408 tons.