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Village Dramatic Group Talent

October 1949

South Yorkshire Times, October 8, 1949

Village Dramatic Group Talent

A village dramatic group has a great advantage; it brings to light all kinds of previously hidden abilities and uses them to advantage. Fred Rowlands (Darfield Dramatic Club) is a case in point. The effective study of ” The Lady in Blue,” which hung in Gerald Coates’ study for the Darfield production of “Grand National Night” was painted by Fred. Mr. Rowlands also took the part of Police Sergt. Gibson in the play, and on many occasions, especially in painting special scenery, has done much useful work for the club.

Jean Smith, a school teacher at Bolton-on-Dearne, who played Joyce Penrose in the same presentation, made and designed the lovely peach evening gown she wore—and the pretty light blue suit, and the corded velvet coat!