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The English Cup. – How Local Clubs Fared in Extra Preliminary Round.

15 September 1919

Sheffield Daily TelegraphMonday 15 September 1919

The English Cup.
How Local Clubs Fared in Extra Preliminary Round.

Mexborough Town Easily Defeat Denaby United

Mexborough Town 4 Denaby United 1

Mexborough persuaded the Denaby Club to surrender the venue of the English Cup tie on Saturday, and it was played at Mexborough, but the bad weather ruined the ‘‘gate, which might well have realised three figures.

The result was more or less a foregone conclusion, but there was exciting passage in the second half, in which it looked as if Denaby might snatch a victory. The visitors, however, were outplayed and worn down. Considering the state of the ground, the football was surprisingly good,

Beevers, who had been reintroduced in the Mexborough centre, because of his Cup-fighting qualities, scored two splendid goals, the second and the last; and Shelton and Shaw scored the others at close quarters.

Moseley, the Denaby centre-forward, beat the Mexborough defnce soon after the interval, and with greater steadiness the Denaby forwards might have saved the game.

Darfield St George 4 Kilnhurst. 0

Darfield St. George’s proved easy victors over Kilnhurst in the extra prelimimary round of the English Cup at Darfieldd. Darfield kicked of in a deluge, and very quickly took the lead through Marsh, the same player again finding the net from capital shot later in the same half. Before the interval a third goal was added by Turton.

Darfield pressed heavily, and their forwards forced the game such an extent that the goal was rarely out of danger for more than a few minutes.

After the interval the Darfield forwards forced the pace doggedly, and the Kilnhurst goal had narrow escapes. Kilnhurst forwards seldom came within shooting range.

After an exciting tussle in front of the Kilnhurst goal, Sykes broke away, and passed to Turton. The player in turn transferred to Marsh, who scored a fourth goal thus performing the hat trick.

Kilnhurst made one ferocious effort, but failed to score.

Dearne 3 Hoyland Prospect 1

Considering the heavy rain, there was a good crowd the Old Mill, Barnsley, where Dearne defeated Prospect United 3 —l. In the opening half Featherstone and Wigan scored for Dearne, and Fletcher (Prospect) was successful with a, penalty kick.

The Hoyland combination played good football and attacked well, but Dearne’s defence withstood all pressure, Dyson in particular tackling well and kicking with judgment. Near the end Ward registered Dearne’s third goal.

Dearne’s forwards combined well, and Carpenter distinguished himself in goal, while Benfell was big figure centre-half. Though defeated, Prospect out up a good fight, and were well served by Farmer, Sanderson, and Dean.

Doncaster G.N. 5. Conisboro’ 2

Doncaster G.N. Works scored meritorious win over strong Conisboro’ team, thanks to better finishing ability, though it was fortunate for them that they took their chances early, for towards the close the visitors took control, and it was only rank bad shooting that prevented them from drawing level, in spite of a clever display by Taylor between the sticks.

There was a disspointing attendance and but little enthusiasm shown