The Coming Census.

March 1891

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 26 March 1891

The Coming Census.

It is fully expected that the census now being taken will show the population to be very largely in advance of what it was in 1881.

This is due to the opening out of new works and the development of colliery undertakings in certain directions.

The township of Bolton on Dearne had a population of 1002 in 1831, but it is believed this figure will now be quite 3000, this being due to the many people residing there in consequence of the Manvers Main and Wath Main Colliery workings.

Conisborough has jumped up from about 2000 to 4000. The character of this township has undergone a great change in late years. Formerly it was looked upon as being quite an aristocratic plane of residence ; but now the old inhabitants are gradually disappearing, owing to the colliery operations in the neighbourhood, and the population comprise miners in the main. This place will still further rapidly develop, owing to the sinking of a colliery shaft at Cadeby, by the Denaby Main Colliery Company, who have recently erected several hundred additional houses.

The extension of Messrs. Kilner Bros. Glassworks has also afforded employment for many more workpeople. The altered state of things at Conisborough accounts for the agitation now going on in favour of the establishment of a Local Board, rather than being under the domination of the Doncaster Rural Sanitary Authority and the Lower Strafforth and Tickhill Highway Board.

The population of Mexbro’ is estimated at about 8000. This township and Denaby and Swinton almost join each other owing to the advances made on the various roads by the builders, and the inhabitants of Mexbro’ are now contending that incorporation ought to take place. It is a centre of great activity— increased largely since the establishment of a market hall, and the place possesses a county councillor.

As the preponderance of prisoners tried by the Doncaster West Riding justices go from Mexbro’, Conisbro’, and Denaby, it is maintained that these places ought to form a petty sessional area.