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The Ancient Parish Church of Bolton on Dearne

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1927

The ancient parish church of Bolton on Dearne is now in a very advanced stage of decay. The church is a pre-Reformation building erected on an ancient Saxon foundation, the remains of which are still to be seen. Additions were made to the original name in the 12 century, the present pillars belonging to this period, and probably the present North aisle was added at this time.

In the 15th century the church was extended by the addition of the present chancel and tower, andlater the North aisle was extended to form the present chapel of Our Lady, built on the site of an earlier chantry chapel of Our Lady.

Most of ancient mouldings and chasers of disappeared, and the present appearance of the building is particularly unsatisfying. Much of the lead on the roof has perished and consequently the timbers and walls have suffered very much from weather.

The present floor level is considerably higher than the original and detracts somewhat from the dignity and beauty of the arches. The antiquity of the building is of much more interest than its architecture, the various editions having apparently been made without much regard to the general appearance of the whole structure.

An attempt to be made to put the building in a sound condition, though it is doubtful if any alteration can be made in the general appearance.

The work has been surveyed by Mr Smith of Wentworth, at the request of Lord Halifax, the patron, and the estimated cost of necessary repairs and redecoration is apparently £2000. An effort is being made on Monday next to raise some of the money. A Spring Fair is to be on my lady Fitzwilliam at 3 PM.

The vicar (the reverent TB Almond) or the churchwardens will be glad to receive donations and promises of help from others of our ancient parish churches.