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Tailpiece – Mrs Wospottle in Hospital

October 1951

South Yorkshire Times, October 20th, 1951


Mrs. Wospottle, if rumour, discreetly whispered be true had been taken to hospital, treated, and cured, but she was eloquent in denunciation, vivid in description.

“Time you get there.” she would say “there’ll be a dozen men, some of ‘em not much more’n lads, in white aprons and wi’ forever o’ knives.  They onsense ye, then an’ there, before ye can stop ‘em.  And cut ye open an’ take anything they want.  You feel the miss of it; they gotter keep ye in bed f’r days. Nobody can’t help ye; there ain’t a policeman in the place.”

(Quiet Evening: S.L. Bensusan)