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Swinton “Tossers” – Goldthorpe Dog – Bolton Teacher

November 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 02 November 1912

Swinton “Tossers” Fined

Ernest Jackson and William Davies, to Swinton pony drivers, were fined 5s and costs each for “tossing” at Mexborough on October 20.

Goldthorpe Dog not Under Control

Tom Henry Marshall, miner, Goldthorpe, was fined 5s and costs for having no control over a dog night.

Bolton School Teacher Fined

Sophie Blackshaw, a schoolteacher, of Bolton, was ordered pay 2/6 and costs for riding a bicycle on the footpath Goldthorpe on 17 October.

When told she would be reported she replied “The road is dirty.”