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Swinton 163 Bolton 139 – Swinton Just in Time Beat Bolton

May 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 14 May 1928

Swinton Just in Time Beat Bolton

Swinton won a thrilling game at Swinton Saturday in the last over of the day. They were largely indebted to Willoughby, the Dinnington youngster, who again batted extremely well, and their young fast bowler, Pearson, who sent down 24 overs and took six wickets for 26 runs. In his last spell his figures were:— nine overs, eight maidens four wicket

Cutts made a splendid effort with the bat for Bolton. Cyril Probert took five Swinton wickets for 54 runs.


Swinton.—O. Heaton, b Gill, 29; T. Hart, c Beevers, C. Probert, 5: A. Thompson, b Mitchell, 21; D. Willoughby, c C. Probert, b Reg. Probert, 44 ; R. Alter, c Beevers, b 0. Probert, 27 ; A. Adey, b C. Probcrt, 1 ; R. Denton, Beevers, O. Probert, 5; G. Price, C. Probert, 16; I. Machin, not out, 1 ; W. Pearson, b C. Probert, 0; L. Stancey, c C. Probert. b Reg. Probert 2, extras, 12 Total, 163.

Bolton.—A. Turner, b Stancey, 7; W. Criddle, b Pearson, 14; 0. Probert, b Pearson, 0; L. Cutts, c Willoughby, Pearson, 46; W. Grovea, run out, 10; Richard Probert, c Atter, b Thompson, Reg. Probert, b Pearson, 9; J. Mitchell, not out, 15; B. Washington, c Denton, b Pearson, 0; J. Gill, b Pearson, 2; J. Beevers, Ibw, b Hart, 0; extras,. 13. Total, 139.