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Sunday Night Nuisance at Mexborough.

September 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 20, 1929

Sunday Night Nuisance at Mexborough.

“This is a considerable nuisance. Youths come in from Goldthorpe, Swinton and Denaby, and there are hundreds, of them parading up and down the road,” declared a police witness at the West Riding Police Court, Doncaster, on Tuesday, where a number of lads were summoned for obstructing the footpath in Adwick Road Mexborough.

In the first case, Thomas O’Neil, John Thorpe, and Edward Thorpe, all pithands of Goldthorpe, were proceeded against, and it was stated by P.c. Shaw that in consequence of complaints, he kept observation. At 8-40 p.m. on Sunday evening he saw the three defendants on the footpath. They were grouped together so that people using the footpath had to step into the roadway.

He told defendants to move on, and they did so going a distance of about 30 yards when they stopped again, causing further obstruction.’ He spoke to them again and told them that they would be reported to which they replied that they were waiting for a friend.

Fined 10s. each.

Herbert Hirst, Michael Freeman, miners, of Bolton, Albert Wood, a shop assistant of Bolton, and Beaumont Radcliffe, a miner, of Bolton, were similarly summoned.

It was stated in police evidence that the lads were kept under observation, and were asked to move on. They did so but only for about 100 yards, when they stopped again and caused people to leave the foot path to pass. They were told that they would be reported.

Hirst and Wood were each fined 7s. 6d. and the other defendants 10s each