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Stormy Council Meeting.

November 1918

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 14 November 1918

Stormy Council Meeting.

The monthly meeting of the Bolton-on-Dearne Urban Council was of a stormy character.

At the outset the Chairman proposed a resolution expressing thankfulness that hostilities had ceased, and Mr. Newell, in supporting, said he believed in prayer. His boy in France had asked his parents to pray for him. They did so and he had come through safely.

At a later stage of the proceedings, on the application a number tradesmen tor the abolition of Sunday trading, Mr. Newell exhibited great heat, and challenged another member “to come round the table or go outside.”

Mr. Newell moved that the Council get on with their own work, and leave tradespeople alone. He had run a business for 29 years, and they were trying to “ butt him out £1O a week.’’

A ‘scene’ then followed between Mr. Newell and Mr. Probert, and the Chairman with difficulty restored order. A further disturbance occurred later, when Newell accused Mr. Probert of sneering at him; the former banging the table and gesticulating. The Chairman again asserted himself, and the Council rose after a three hours’ sitting.