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Sports & Gala as Dearne Holiday Attraction

August 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 09 August 1941

Sports & Gala as Dearne Holiday Attraction

The chief Bank Holiday attraction in the Dearne district was the sports and gala organised by Goldthorpe and Bolton Comforts Fund on Goldthorpe Welfare Ground on Saturday, which served the dual purpose of raising a useful sum for the Fund and also providing a happy and memorable day for Dearne people spending holidays at home.

Upwards of £50 in prizes were presented by Major and Mrs. H. L. Hirst, and Mrs. Hirst congratulated the organisers on the success their efforts, saying that the cause was a most worthy one.

The Gala was organised by the Comforts Fund Committee, assisted by the Goldthorpe and Bolton Branch of the British Legion.

Starters were Mr. J. Hill and Mr. F. Taylor, and judges were Messrs. H. Hepworth, G. Milner, and Coun. A. Williams. Music was provided by Manvers Main Band. Major Hall Maxwell was judge for the tug of war.

Winners of sports events were:

Three mile chase. 1 S. Farr, 2 F. Rachur;
80 yards boys’ flat race, 1 F. Davies, 2 T. Walton. 3 D. Molyneux;
80 yards girls’ flat race, 1 S. Clarkson, 2 M. Parkinson, 3 L. Harwood;
Two lap cycle race, 1 J. Murrell, 2 A. Palmer;
50 yards old men’s flat race, 1 F Starkey, 2 W. Helliwell, 3 H. Faraday;
100 yards flat race, adults, 1 G. Staneton, 2 H. Crockett 3 F. Walton;
Four lap cycle race, 1 J. Murrell, 2 A. Palmer;
One mile handicap, open. 1 C. Halliday, 2 W. Brooks, 3 K. Bennett;
100 yards boys’ flat race, 1 Cowles, 2 W. Parkinson. 3 H. Crockett;
100 yards girls’ flat race, 1 M. Hartley, 2 D. Hunter, J. Dutton;
220 yards men’s flat race, 1 F. Walton, 2 A. Rollins, Pte. Bamford;
80 yards girls’ skipping race, 1 J. Dalton, 2 E. Mansfield;
100 yards girls’ skipping race, 1 E. Mansfield, 2 H. Hartley, 3 J. Metcalf;
80 yards ladies’ fiat race, 1 A. Hunter. 2 Mrs. Allsop;
440 yards men’s flat race, 1 J. Haddlington, 2 F. Walton;
220 yards boys’ obstacle race, 1 .1. Cowles, 2 J. Cook;
Bowling at wicket, 1 R. Brice, 2 R. Helliwell.

Winners in the tug of war competition were Goldthorpe Police. Mrs Simpson was in charge of the baby show, beauty competition and ankle show, and winners of these were:

Baby show (1 to 6 months), Baby Greenough; ( 6 to 12 months), Baby Webster; ( 12 to 18 months), Baby Dodd; (twins), Betty and June Pape and Malcolm and Melvyn Marshall;
Beauty competition, 1 Miss Joan Walker, 2 Mrs. Burns; ankle competition, Miss Ellen Malpas, 2 Miss J. Whittaker

Results of the Ambulance competition for the ” Soar ” Cup were:
1 Houghton Main (370), 2 Manvers Main No. 1 (369), 3 Pontefract (363).

Individual winners were:
1 S. Green (Wath Main No. 1). 2 G. R. Grundy (Pretoria W.M.C.), 3 C. McLauchlin (Pretoria W.M.C.)

Dr Boyle of Thurnscoe, was judge for the stretcher test, and individual tests were  judged by Messrs. E. Green, J. Tribbitt and G. Bucknell. Stallholders were Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Bennett, Miss Wood, Mrs. Mrs. Bullins, Mrs. Farmer, Mrs, Emprinham, Mrs. Barrus, Mrs. Grundy, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Coldwell and Mrs. Noels , and Mesdames Jackson, Abson, Hadley, Parkes, Savin, Bagshaw. Jones and Lawrence were in charge of refreshments.