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Soldier – Stocks Twins – In Sudetenland.

June 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 07 June 1941

In Sudetenland.

Hallford Stocks and George Stocks, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. G. Stocks, of 123, Ingsfield Lane, Bolton, were both at Dunkirk.

George was more fortunate than Hallford and got away to his country, but Hallford was taken prisoner and it was some time before his parents heard from him. It was through the medium of this paper that he was known to be safe.

A Frickley football enthusiast has a son a prisoner of war in Germany and the son had written to his parents saying he was with Hallford Stocks, the Frickley footballer and the father of the Frickley boy seeing a note in this paper saying that Mr. and Mrs. Stocks would like news of their son went to Bolton to assure them that Hallford was safe.

This week they have had a letter from Hallford saying that he has been removed from Poland to Sudetenland and is in good health. At the same time a letter arrived from George, who is stationed in Iceland. A photograph came also and George is quite well and happy and says that they have daylight almost the whole of the 24 hours and can see to read a newspaper at midnight. He hears that cigarettes are a bit scarce in the Old Country. They are allowed 60 per week and plenty of good food.