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Smallpox and New Housing

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 27, 1927

Smallpox appeared in the district in February 1926, but the outbreak was limited to 5 cases, contact having submitted to vaccination and relaxation.

That 50% of the children are vaccinated is a matter of grave concern, adds the Medical Office, whenever smallpox is introduced into the area.

“It cannot be truly said,” says Dr Morris, “that the parents of many of these children are ‘conscientious objectors’; indifference and the ease of securing exemption are the true reasons for failure to adopt the individual and communal protection of vaccination.”

With regard to housing, the Medical Office states that the work of relieving the housing difficulty of progress bidirectional whole houses and by assistance to private effort.

The infectious disease records for 1926, however, short 8% of houses to be occupied by two or more families and indicate that the supply of houses is still not adequate.

During the year the Council scheme 414 houses in Barnburgh Lane was completed and the scheme for 70 houses in Furlong road and Beaumont Street was in progress, 30 houses in Furlong Road being completed and occupied.

During the year the Council had built 78 houses, and other persons had built 17, making a total of 95.