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Serious Charge against Bolton Man

November 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times Friday, 30 November 1900

Serious Charge against Bolton Man

Stephen Leach, pit hand, Bolton on Dearne, was charged with an attempted assault on Eliza Reynolds, at that place, on the 19th of interest.

Eliza Ann Reynolds said she was the wife of Enoch round and live with him at Bolton on Dearne. On Monday, the 90s in November, earls when I got out about half-past 9 o’clock at night. There was only the witness and the little baby in the house.

The baby was in a harm screaming. She had just prepared for going to bed. The door was fastened with a drop latch. Someone try the door, and on the first attempt only they failed. The door was then forced open, and she found out it was Stephen Leach.

He asked her if she had any “cigs” to give him, meaning cigarettes. She said “No, my husband has taken them out with him.” She told him after a little while he had better be off out. He said that she would not fetch anyone to him. After that he attempted to commit an assault upon her, and to prevent her screaming he put his hand over her mouth. He did not succeed in his attempt, and ran out.

Chartres saw Jane Hollingsworth, a neighbour, and told her about the prisoner. She went to his lodgings, but he was not in.

When Mrs Hollingsworth saw him in the yard, with his clothes disarray she hit him with a poker. The prisoner ran out of the yard. She also informed her husband asked what had happened. The prisoner and never been in any way familiar with her before. He had only been in the house one previous occasion of about five minutes, and that was on the Saturday previous to the Monday. She had known him by sight for a fortnight.

In answer to the prisoner, witness said she never saw him from 4 o’clock in the afternoon until he came to the house at half past nine o’clock at night.

Jane Hollingsworth said she lived at Bolton on Dearne, next door to the last witness. On Monday last about half-past nine at night she was sat in her own house. She heard a bit of a scream, and it came as if from the next door. A few minutes after the scream someone came to their door. She unfastened the door, and saw it was Mrs Reynolds, who was crying. Mrs Reynolds told her what the prisoner and done. After that the witness heard someone near the door. She went out with a lamp on the poker inner and, and found Leach lent against the water tub with his clothes disarranged. She hit him with a poker on the arm and the like. He tried to knock the lamp out of her hand; he afterwards ran down the road.

Police constable wrestle conversation and also Lane Ends, said on Tuesday, the 20th ends, he received information from the witness Mrs Reynolds. In consequence of information received, the witness and PS Johnson search for the prisoner at his lodgings, and elsewhere but could not find him. Eventually found at Rotherham, and apprehended in their at 12:05 o’clock on Saturday morning, the 24th instant. He charged him and he made no reply.

The prisoner, in answer to the charge, had nothing to say, said he would summon two witnesses, in consequence of which the case was adjourned for a week.