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Riding Dark in Fog – Thurnscoe Motor-Cyclist Fined

February 1934

South Yorkshire times, February 9th, 1934

Riding Dark in Fog

Thurnscoe Motor-Cyclist Fined

Summoned for having ridden without due care and attention and without headlights, George Arnold Dixon, a Thurnscoe miner, pleaded “Not Guilty” at Doncaster on Tuesday.  He was fined £3.

P.c. Shaw said that at 8-50 p.m. on December 16th he was on duty in Mexborough Road, Bolton-on-Dearne in company with another officer.  It was very foggy, and he and his colleague were walking on their proper side of the road, almost on the grass verge.  He heard a motor-cycle approaching and suddenly realised that it was coming straight for him. He jumped to safety and call on the driver to stop.  The motor-cycle was showing no headlights.

Defendant admitted “It was bad and he did not know where he was.”  Witness examined the machine and found the headlamp in good working order.  He escorted defendant to his proper side of the road.  Just before moving off defendant said “I was only trying it without lights because it is so foggy.”

In evidence, defendant said he was on the proper side of the road and stationary when the police came on the scene.  He had stopped to give his eyes a rest and to find his bearings.

Imposing the fines, the Chairman (Mr. G. E. Cooke-Yarborough) remarked “You were a danger to yourself and to everyone on that road that night.”