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Puzzling Identity of Dangerous Dog – Owner to Pay Costs

June 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 23 June 1939

What Breed?

Puzzling Identity of Dangerous Dog

Bolton Owner to Pay Costs

When Mary Fitzpatrick (59), widow, of Bolton-on-Dearne, was ordered by the magistrates at Doncaster on Saturday to pay 10s. costs for not keeping a dangerous dog under control, there was some doubt las to the breed of the dog.

One witness said it was a medium-sized dog, while another thought it was an Alsatian. A police constable described it as a whippet, but the defendant claimed that it was a cross between a whippet and a collie.

Sydney T. Midley said that on May 19th he entered the rear door of the Empire at Goldthorpe, when he felt something touch his leg. Looking down he saw the dog, which growled and then tore his trousers. He went to the defendant and she paid for the damages.

Walter Sellars alleged that the dog jumped up at him but did not tear his clothing.

P.c. Edmondson, who was called to the scene, said that when he arrived at the Empire he saw the dog on the steps. The defendant’s son was in the picture house and he took the dog home.

The defendant said the dog had followed her on to the pictures.” It had never been out before.