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Over A Hundred Games In View.

26 April 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 26, 1929

Club Prospects.


Over A Hundred Games In View.

Bolton Municipal in the coming season, in addition to the Yorkshire Council, have entered four other leagues—the South Yorkshire Cricket League, Mexboro’ Evening League, Sugg Thursday League, and the Hickleton and District League.

These arrangements mean 92 league matches, and with the “Times” Cup, “Cutts” Cup and the “Hirst” Cup there is likely to be a grand total of at least 100 games

Cyril Probert is to remain with the club as professional, whilst A. Turner will again play as an all-rounder. Wild, late of Mexboro’, has been introduced to strengthen the howling, and he and Revill are likely to be formidable bowlers. Eric Humphries, of Bournemouth United, and Walter Groves, of Doncaster Rovers, will assist as batsmen, whilst Birtles has offered his services when not engaged as coach at Leeds Grammar School.

For the South Yorkshire League team T. Burke, Malcolm Butler, A, Beevers and W. Blessed are to play.

The club is now financially sound, and as the membership is increasing daily the outlook for cricket in Bolton and Goldthorpe is decidedly rosy.