Old Bolton

June 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 30 June 1939

Old Bolton

The dismantling of old property in High Street has allowed “daylight” to seep through into some interesting history of old Bolton.

The bottle neck close to the Cross Daggers Hotel is, of course, still there, but it looks as though it will soon have vanished.

One obtains a good view from High Street of the ground where the original Bolton Hall stood and whose last occupant was Dr. Dimond, who built the present Hall in 1833. There is still a portion of the old Hall in existence and it is converted into two cottages which are occupied. The outbuildings that were connected with it were also converted into dwellinghouses and have only quite recently become unoccupied. These have just been razed to ground level.

The old house where the post office was 72 years ago, kept by Mr. Richard Depledge, is still standing, but empty.

All Bolton’s condemned property is now well on the way to being reduced to ground level. Some of the cellars in old houses have been cut out of the solid rock