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Off To East Atrica – Government Jobs for Young Dearne Men

December 1947

South Yorkshire Times December 27 1947

Off To East Atrica

Government Jobs for Young Dearne Men

Christmas, 1948, will be spent in warmer climes by two Dearne men, who will be bound for East Africa early in the New Year. Mr. Arthur Ian Adams (27), of Goldthorpe, is to take up an appointment as a civil engineer to the Municipality of Nairobi, Kenya Colony, east Africa; and Mr. Bert Newell, of Bolton, has been appointed to an administrative position in Tanganyika.

First Class Honours

Mr Adams is the only son of Mr and Mrs WH Adams of Whitecot, Highgate Lane, Goldthorpe.

His father is Surveyor to Dearne Urban Council. Mr Adams was educated at Sheffield University and gained a first class honours degree in civil engineering and is also a Maplin Medallist.

During_ the war Mr. Adams served in the Indian and Burmese theatre from 1942 to 1946, when he was demobilised with the rank of captain in the R E.M.E. Adams was employed by Dearne Urban Council fora few months after his demobilisation During 1947 Mr Adams has been Assistant Civil engineer to Doncaster Corporation and was presented with a spirit flask by colleagues at Doncaster when he resigned his position with the  Corporation.

Mr. Adams has passed the final examinations of  the Institute of Civil Engineers and is awaiting election as a member of the Institute. He expects to sail for East Africa in the first week of the new year.

Dar-es-Salaam, capital of Tanganyika, will be the destination of Mr. Bert Newell (26), youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Newell, of 157, Furlong Road, Bolton-on-Dearne, who will leave on the second or third day of January. Mr. Newell will take up a position as storekeeper on Government Railways inthe colony.

Since leaving school, Mr. Newell has been employed by Dearne Urban Council and has recently resigned as storekeeper to the Council. Mr. Newell was demobilised in 1946 after having served nearly six years in the R.A.O.C. Mr. Newell spent four years abroad In the Middle East and Austria.

When demobilised, Mr. Newell was engaged on statistical work at Eastern Command Headquarters in London. Mr. Newell told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter on Monday that he would be in East,Africa tor two years.