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Obstruction At Bolton.

August 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 16, 1929

Obstruction At Bolton.

Ernest Harrison, butcher, of West. Melton, who was summoned at Doncaster on Tuesday for obstructing the highway with a motor van at Bolton-on-Dearne on July 16th, denied the offence, and stated that while he was delivering goods at his father’s shop he was unable to leave the van anywhere but outside those premises.

P.c. Brownlees said he saw the van outside the shop at 6 p.m. on the day stated with the near side wheels three feet from the kerb in a roadway of 18 feet. At 6-15 p.m. a motor-cycle combination was held up by the obstruction and 15 minutes later defendant’s father came out.  In reply to witness, he said his son was the driver.

Defendant, on oath, said he was carrying goods backwards and forwards to his father’s shop, and he would only have had the van there about 15 minutes. He took a box into the yard, and when he came back his father told him that a policeman had spoken about the van standing there. “I passed the policeman twice and he said nothing to me.” said defendant, “and I heard notthinq of it until the following Thursday.” He added that a deep gully prevented him from pulling the van nearer the kerb.

The father gave evidence, in support, and in reply to Supt. Minty said he did not know the local Council had complained about vehicles being left in the road

Supt. Minty suggested that the van could have stood by the “Cross Daggers” yard, but witness said this would be too far away.

Defendant was fined 10s.