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Night Out with the “Stars.”

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 23, 1957

24 people traveledl from all parts of Britain last week for a night out with the stars.

They were 12 winners (with a guest each) of a competition arranged by the Rank Organisation and the Book Club in connection with the new comedy adapted from The Book Clubs January choice, “Doctor at Large.”

At a reception at the Hungaria Restaurant, London, they met personally, Merrill Pavlow, Derek Farr and James Robertson Justice, some of the stars of the third in the hilarious “Doctor” series, and the Rank Organisation contract artists.

Richard Gordon (right) is pictured with Sgt and Mrs DA Dawson at the “Hungaria” reception.

Sgt Dawson is stationed at RAF Titchfield, Fareham, Hants; his home is at 36, Chapel Street, Bolton on Dearne