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New Councillors – New Dearne Councillors

April 1939

South Yorkshire Times, April 7th, 1939.

New Councillors – New Dearne Councillors – Mr Leonard Key

Mr Leonard Key, of Chapel Street, Thurnscoe West, is a butcher, one of four who entered the Dearne election lists together, all for the first time and all as independence.

Mr Key is a native of Denbighshire although he came to Thurnscoe when he was very young, and has been a resident for 43 years. He has neither previous municipal nor political experience, and simply states that he is commencing municiple career as “a comfy independent with an open mind.”

He is on the committee of the Wath and District butchers Association, an enthusiastic member of Thurnscoe Chamber of Trade, although he was not nominated by that body, a special Constable for Thurnscoe, and has both been trained in anti gas precautions, and had practical experience of gas welfare in 1914-18 on the Western front, when he saved with the Sheffield “pals” and later the Durham Light Infantry, where he was raised to the rank of sergeant.

He is a British Legion member, is married. And has one daughter

New Councillors – New Dearne Councillors – George Bellman Edwards

Councillor George Bellman Edwards, of Thurnscoe Road, Bolton-on-Dearne, will make his first appearence on the Deane Urban District Council although he has served twice with the old Bolton U.D.C- From 1924 to 1927, and from 1933 to 1936.

He will represent the South Ward. He was born at Wath, but has lived for the last 25 years in Bolton and an old world low roofed house back from the road and overlooking a quaint late laid out garden and orchard.

He is known throughout the district as a property manager for the Wath Main colliery estates.

Mr Edwards was elected a member of the Dearne and Dove internal drainage board, which is within the Ouse drainage Board scheme, when he was a member of the Bolton Council six years ago, and Wath Main re-elected him to the board when he relinquished his turn in the Council.

He has political experience of water and electricity undertakings, and was chairman of the latter committee during his councillorship. He is married and has one married daughter.



New Councillors – New Dearne Councillors – George Clark

Mr George Clark, well-known builder and contractor, of 167, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, who has been successful as an independent was unsuccessfully nominated in 1932.

Mr Clarke is a native of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, but has lived in Goldthorpe for over 40 years and likes to regard himself as a native of his adopted town.

He has always been in the building trade, latterly assisted by his three sons, and worked for two years in Australia. Never result of a chance voyage to that country.

He is a member of Goldthorpe working men’s club and Goldthorpe chamber of trade, although apart from his previous election attempt when he was defeated by 11 votes by Charles Padley, the Labour nominee, he has had no previous municipal or political experience. He considers that his knowledge of housing work and costs will be of service to the community.