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New Chairman – Bolton-on-Dearne Urban Council.

April 1919

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 26, 1919

New Chairman

Mr. George Probert.

Bolton-on-Dearne Urban Council.

Mr. George Probert has been elected chairman of the Bolton-on- Dearne Urban Council for the third time in his career. He has served on the Bolton authority for 15 years, and is the most experienced Labour councillor in the district. He was born near Wolverhampton in 1871, and commenced working in a Wakefield mine at the age of 13. He had six years’ ‘elementary education, but he studied mining very earnestly and obtained a second class certificate in 1907.

He came to Hickleton Main in 1902 and was elected checkweighman there two years later. He still holds that position. He is also delegate of the Hickleton Main miners to the Council of the Yorkshire Miners’ Association.

He was elected to the Bolton Urban Council in 1901. He is particularly proud of the good record of this authority since that time in the matter of housing and of general sanitary improvement.

He has served an innumerable committees, and last March had the satisfaction of being returned to represent the district on the West Riding County Council.

It may be interesting to mention that he is the eldest son in a family of thirteen children, all surviving, the youngest being twenty-one years of age, and that his parents, who are still living, are now resident in South. Kirkby.