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Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List

July 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 14 July 1939

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List

Admitted cases:—

Monday: William Marsh, 29, Norman Street, Thurnscoe, cerebral concussion, at work.

The following cases were treated but not detained:—

Thursday: Horace Whitehouse, 16, The Crescent, Conanby, foot injury, at work; Albert Brammer, 17, Mexborough Road, Bolton, leg injury, at work; Emma Haines, 94, Burman Road, Wath, needle in hand, at home; Beatrice Corbridge, 57, Chaucer Road, Mexborough, ankle injury, at home; Gerard Hudson, 5, The Avenue, Harlington, arm injury, at home.

Friday: Fanny Mansfield, 48, Cemetery Road, Mexborough, elbow injury, in street; Albert Hewitt, 42, Browning Road, Mexborough, finger injury, at work; Trevor Caress. 5. Regent Terrace, Mexborough, cut head, at work; Beatrice Bunting, 11, Chaucer Road, Mexborough, foreign body in throat, at home; Gordon Montgomery, 90, Windhill Crescent, Mexborough, cut head in street

Saturday: Cyril Senior. 8, Toll Bar Road. Swinton. foreign body in throat, at work; Belva Dodds, Manor Farm, Cadeby, arm injury, at home; Alfred Slater, 135, Whitelea Road, Swinton, cut finger, at work; Harold Lowe, 20, Bridge Street, Swinton, foreign body in hand, at home.

Monday: Sylvia Atkins, 51, High Street, Great Houghton, ankle injury, at home; Brian Gilford, 73, Charles Street, Swinton, thumb injury, at home.

Tuesday: George Walton. 40, Rookery Road, Swinton, foreign body in eye, at work; Matthew Thirlwell. 138, Hirstgate, Mexborough, eye injury, at work; Anthony Frost, 40. Princess Crescent. Edlington, cut head, at work; John Trickett, 7, Newark Street, Mexborough, leg injury, at work: Allen Hibbert, 13, Oliver Street. Mexborough, eye Injury, at work.

Wednesday: Joan Howson, 10, Hirstgate, Mexborough. crushed band, at home: Lawrence White, 44, Albert Road, Mexborough, elbow injury. in street; John Ellis. 18, Park Road, Wath, foreign body in eye, at work: John Parkin. 225, Furlong Road. Bolton, cut hand, at work.