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Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List –September 06th, 1941

September 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 06 September 1941

Montague Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List



Gordon Philipps, 74, Vernon Road, Wath, injury to leg,

Treated But Not Detained


Thomas Tomlinson, 48, Albert Road, West Melton, injury to ribs; Joseph Wilcox, 6, WindhIll Terrace, Mexborough, injury to eye; Albert Batty, 63, Windhill Crescent, injury to finger; Wilfred Kendrew, 9, Packman Road, West Melton, injury to arm.


Horace Norton, 15, Addison Road, Mexborough, injury to fingers; John Taylor, 46, Mexborough Road, Bolton, injury to ribs,


Alec Shaw, 46, Dolcliffe Road, Mexborough, injury to head; Harry Watson, 2, Oaklea Avenue, West Melton, injury to ankle; Gordon Steadman, 9, Derwent Terrace, Mexborough, injury to scalp: Malvino Hague, 168, Hirstgate, Mexborough, injury to leg; A, Olivant, 36, Hunting Tower Road, Sheffield, injury to eye: Charles Davies, 24, Grenfell Avenue, Mexborough, injury to fingers.


Keith Gillott, 31, Garden Street, Mexborough, injury to leg; Fred Clark, 27, Hartley Street, Mexborough, injury to leg.


George Morris, Prospect House, Harlington, injury to finger; Jack Gibbons, 6, Salisbury Avenue, Thurnscoe, injury to foot: Edward Y9ung, 59, Moore Road, Wath, injury to chin: John Cutts, 78, Chaucer Road, Mexborough, injury to arm; Goddard Willoughby, 9, Fearnley Cottages, West Melton, injury to shoulder; Joseph Tomms, 96, Doncaster Road, Mexborough, injury to hand,


Alice Briggs, 56, Hope Avenue, Goldthorpe, injury to wrist; David Senior, 95, Victoria Road, Mexborough, injury to finger; Brian Marshall, 29, Chapel Lane, Thurnscoe, -injury to arm.


George Royston, 8, Elsecar Road, West Melton, injury to eye: George Atkinson, 4, Hampden Road, Mexborough, injury to head; John Thompson, 34, Harlington Road, Mexborough, injury to hand: William Langley, 39, Manor Road, Swinton, injury to finger; Fred Groves, 12, Cemetery Rd,, Bolton, injury to ankle; Arthur Walker, 71, Frederick Street, Mexborough, injury to foot.