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Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List, June 21st 1941

June 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 21 June 1941

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty, The following patients were treated but not detained:


NeIIie Dowson, 9, Hope Avenue, Goldthorpe, injury to knee; John Wordsworth, 5, Chapel Street Thurnscoe, injury to scalp; Percy Sykes, 11, Crown Street, Thurnscoe, injury to shoulder; Yvonne Lore, 15 Wombwell Street, Wath injury to right forearm; Fred Salt, Foxland Avenue, Swinton, injury to finger; Percy Shaw, 1, Highwoods Road, Mexborough, injury to nose; Robin Broadhead, 22, Romwood Avenue, Swinton, injury to left knee; C. R. Ingham, St, George’s Avenue, Swinton, injury to Anger.


Oswald Cook, 24, Frederick Street, Mexborough, injury to shoulder; Horace Law, 130, Furlong Road, Bolton, injury to little finger; Harry Coriter, 25, Melton Avenue, Brampton, injury to left foot; Eric Seaton, 2, Highmill Avenue, Swinton, injury to index finger; Horace Boulton, 29, Carlisle Street, Swinton, injury to face: Leonard Kay, The Poplars, Hooton Road, injury to face; Leonard Shaw, 27, Dryden Road, Mexborough, injury to ribs; Eric Clark, 46, High Street, Rawmarsh, injury to forehead; J. Claydon 61, Temperance Street, Swinton, injury to scalp; J. T. Johnson, 4, Washington Road, Mexborough, injury to hip; J, Jones, 113, Main Street, Mexborough, injury to eye.


Phyllis Reynolds, 6, Dryden Road, Mexborogh, , injury to eye; North, 34, Midland Terrace, Wath, injury to foot; Dorothy Evans, 6, Stenton’s Terrace, Mexborough, injury to little finger; Marjorie Sparks, “Domus”” Racecourse Road, Swinton, injury to foot; Hubert Copley, 10 Coronation Road, Wath, injury to eye 7 Orlands Septon,  9, Albert Road Mexborough, injury to back; Fred Chaplin, 2, Princes Road. Goldthorpe. injury to right toe.


Jeremy Green, 29 Park Road, Mexborough; Marcus Sanderson, 33,Thorne Road. Doncaster, lnjury to elbow; Albert Cox, 33 Midland Avenue, Wath, Injury to eye; Margaret Brammer, 68 Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, injury to eye; Alice Shilltto, Don MiII House, Mexborough, Injury to forehead; Albert Worrell, 39, William Street. Swinton, Injury to left eye; Thomas Allison. 104. Hope Avenue, Goldthorpe, injury to forehead.


Jeremy Dunwell, 14, Market Terrace, Wath, injury to ankle; Eric Haigh, 28, She Road, Conisborough, injury to arm: James Fenn, 90 Wood Street, Swinton, injury to arm; Wilfred Hurrell, 1, Parkview, Newark Road, Mexborough, injury to ankle: William Thwaites, 30, Briton Street, Thurnscoe, injury to left shin; Eric Elliott, 15, Stokewell Road, West Melton, injury to elbow; Jack Mills, 102, Furlong Road, Bolton, injury to arm: Gordon Brammer, Melton Street, Mexborough, injury to right knee,


John Booth, 2, Cromwell Road, Mexborough, injury to face.