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Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List – July 19th, 1941

July 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 19 July 1941

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List

Treated but not detained:


Clifton injury Walton, to back; Edwin Goodhill, 10, John Street, Thurnscoe, injury to toes; Edward Gilllis, Wetmore Lane, Wath, injury to fingers; Joseph Briggs, 40, Swinton Road, Mexborough, injury to face; Harold Senior, 36, Thomas Street, Swinton, injury to elbow: Alfred Booker, 28, Fielding Road, Sheffield, injury to finger: Elsie Scott, 32, Oak Road, Wath, injury to eye; Leonard French 44, Tudor Road, Thurnscoe Injury  to shoulder.


Fred Sellars, 7, Chapel Thurnscoe, injury to elbow; Frank Hanstock 49 Wath Road, Mexborough, injury to eye; Joseph Rogers, 73, Frederick Street, Mexborough, injury to toe; Joe Beardsley, 36, Victoria Street, Goldthorpe, injury to toe; Hedley Marriott, 55, Highfleld Avenue, Swinton, injury to leg: David Dudley, Station Street, Swinton, injury to leg; John Jones, 45, Dearne Road, Brampton, injury to back; Horace License, , Greenwood Road, Kilnhurst, in jury to back.


Thomas Limb, 36, Sandymount Road, Wath, injury to eye; Eliza Bower, 96, Avenue Road, Wath, injury to ankle; Colin Dean, 59, Fitzwilliam Street, Swinton, injury to wrist: Sam Hartley, 22, Becknall Road, Wombwell, injury to wrist; John Jagger, 70, Charles Street, Swinton, injury to wrist; Francis Dean, 42, Dryden Road, Mexborough, injury to eye; lan Dearden, 28, Springfield Rd., Kilnburst, injury to foot: Johnson Vickers, 44, Mexborough Road, Bolton, injury to back; Colin Kirk, 75, Harlington Road, Mexborough- injury to finger


John King, 4, Parish Hall, Thurnscoe, injury to thumb; Joe Bevins, 51, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, injury to thumb; Edgar Salkeld, 13, Newark Road, Mexborough, injury to elbow; Robert Kelsey, 12, Prince Street, Swinton, injury to ankle; Charles Brown, 16, Kirby Street, Mexboro’, injury to tongue; Ralph Coulton, 45 Toll Bar Road, Swinton, injury to wrist; Fred Smeaton, 2, Flower Street, Goldthorpe, injury to foot: George Cusworth, 47, Hope Avenue, Goldthorpe, injury to ribs; Malcolm Stone, 105, The Crescent, Bolton, injury to foot, Arthur Ogden, 15, Tudor Street, Thurnscoe, injury to hand: Keith Watson, 7, Conway Terrace, Mexborough, injury to thumb.


Fred Annely, 134, Deightonby Street, Thurnscoe, injury to toe,


Wm, Cauwood, 7, Cobden Avenue, Mexborough, injury to thumb,