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Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List

March 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 01 March 1941

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List



Francis Cadman, 311, Swinton Road, Mexborough, injury to arm

Treated but not detained:


Mollie Fallon 42, Park Road, Mexborough, injury to arm; Cyril Winstanley, 9, Oliver Street, Mexborough, injury to eyelid,


Jean Humphries, 12, Bridge Street, Swinton, injury to hand; Henry Littlewood, 22, Queen Street, Thurnscoe, injury to thumb: Fred Brady, 63, Brunswick Street, Thurnscoe, injury to finger; Michael Glancy, ” Dry Brook Bungalow,” Kingsway, Thurnscoe, injury to foot; Albert Fox, 10, Highgate Main, Bolton, injury to eye,


EIIen Moore, 66, Church Street, Mexborough, injury to left wrist; Sydney Kenworthy, 12, Pickhills Avenue, Goldthorpe, Injury to leg; Horace Cauwood, 34, Washington Street, Mexborough, injury to arm; Emily Caldwell, 29, Simpson Place, Mexborough, injury to arm; Elizabeth Kellon, 10, St, George’s Avenue, Swinton, injury to arm; Fred Wood, 147, High Street, Swinton, injury to wrist,


LiIian Oldfield, 70, Charles Street, Swinton, injury to wrist,


Jean Chivers, 24 Market Square, Goldthorpe, injury to shoulder,


Ernest Wain, 11, Raikes Street, Mexborough, injury to 1st finger; Isabella Redder, 36, Dana Street, Thurnscoe, injury to wrist; Ellen Fudge, Main Street, Goldthorpe, injury to leg: Walter Bates, 26, Melville Street, Wombwell, Injury to toe; Baby Marshall, 27, The Avenue, Harlington, injury to arm: Leslie James, 6, Brookfield Avenue, Swinton, injury to leg,


NathanieI Mincher, 12, Wath Road, Mexborough, injury to knee; Florence Butterfield, 29, Victoria Street, Goldthorpe, Injury to knee; Elsie Sanderson, 26, Piccadilly, Swinton, injury to arm; Joyce Hallett, 56, York Street, Mexborough, injury to left great toe; Elsie Windle, 29, Wheatley Road, Kilnhurst, injury to hand: Willie Corker, 20, Littlemoor Road Wath, injury to wrist: Wm, H, Griffiths, 74, Hope Avenue, Goldthorpe, injury to hand,