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Montagu Hospital – The Week’s Casualty List

May 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 May 1939

Montagu Hospital

The Week’s Casualty List

Admitted cases at the Montagu Hospital during the week have been as follows: –

Thursday: Edna Ford. 67. Harlington Road. Mexborough, fractured skull in street.

Sunday: John Maldooney 79, Sandymount Road, Wath, injury to pelvis, at work

Monday: Samuel Audas, 169, Church Street, Mexborough, fractured thigh, at work. Died.

The following cases were treated but not detained:

Thursday: Wilfred Doherty, 59, Wentworth Road, Piccadilly, fractured collar bone, at work; George Reynolds. 92, Highthorn Road, Kilnhurst, finger injury, at work; John Morrison, 8, Dane Street, Thurnscoe, foot injury, at work; Beryl Mawson Butterbusk, Conisborough, arm injury, at home; Robert Jester, Cliffe House, Kilnhurst, face injury, in street.

Friday: William Norfolk. 9, Chapel Street, Thurnscoe, shoulder injury, at work; Lovatt Beevers. 133. Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, wrist injury, at work; Stanley Bennett. 20. Burman Road, Wath, rib injury, at work; Tom Cooke, 250,Wath Road. Mexborough, injury to back, at work.

Saturday: Stanley Bennett, 20, Burman Road, Wath, bruised rib, at work; Joseph Stringfellow, 28, Main Street, Goldthorpe, elbow injury, in street.

Monday: Andrew Clough, 50, Victoria Street, Goldthorpe, injury to foot, at work.

Tuesday: John Woodcock, 39, Straight Avenue, Goldthorpe, foreign body in eye, at work; Dennis Hopes, 21, Lidgett Lane, Thurnscoe, knee injury, at home; Jean Dixon, 73, Church Street, Mexborough, arm injury at home; Frank Johnson, 2b, Highwoods Road, Mexborough arm injury, at home.

Wednesday: Mary Marshall, 208, Doncaster Road, Wath. Injury to back, in street; David Williams, 16, Cemetery Road. Wath, hand Injury, at work; William Lavrack, 101, Ingsfield Lane, Bolton, rib injury at work; John Clay, 40, Oak Road, Wath, cut finger, at work; Joyce Knighton, 10, Pear Tree Avenue. Thurnscoe, lacerated mouth, in street: Arthur Morris, 1, Browning Road. Mexborough, elbow injury, in street; Fred Walker, 26, Rockingham Road, Swinton, finger injury, at work; John Gomersall, 49. Carlisle Street, Kilnhurst, injury to thumb in street.