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Miss South Yorkshire Times – 47 In Mexborough Final

July 1951

South Yorkshire Tines, July 7, 1951

Deepcar Girl Chosen from 47 In Mexborough Final

South Yorkshire will haver a charming representative when South Yorkshire’s Festival Queen is chosen at Bridlington in August.  Choice of three judges in Wednesday’s “South Yorkshire Times” Series final in Mexborough Empress Ballroom, she is 18 years old brunette, Miss Florence Waite, second daughter of Mr  and Mrs John Waite of 91 Haywoods Park, Deepcar. Second and Third in the final were Miss Valerie Rouston, 498 Retford Road, Woodhouse Mill near Sheffield and Miss Wyn Osguthorpe 62 Wath Road, Bolton-on-Dearne. They will be regarded as deputies to “Miss South Yorkshire”. Miss Waite on Wednesday received £10 awarded by the proprietors of this series of newspapers, and Miss Rouston and Miss Osguthorpe £6 and £4 respectively.

Colourful Scene

The prettily lighted ballroom presented a delightful scene of colour as Wednesday’s candidates paraded – first in their own choice of bathing costumes or shorts and blouses – later in frocks or evening dress. As an interlude they were entertained to tea in the café where the judges – Miss Joan Roberts of Roberts Bros, Sheffield, Miss Mattie Hallatt of Wath-on-Dearne and Mr Jack Snelgrove of Mexborough, producer of the South Yorkshire Musical Comedy Society, were able to mix with them and chat.

After the second parade, the judges selected fourteen of the 47 finalists – Miss A. Abott, of High Green; Miss M. Turner of High Green; Miss Osguthorpe, Miss S. Bladen of Great Houghton; Miss P. Bailey of Cudworth; Miss J. Corcoran of Brierley; Miss M. Horne; Miss S Sugden of South Elmsall; Mrs. E. Fitzgerald of Mexborough; Miss P. Jeffcote of Denaby Main; Miss B. Smith of Conisbrough; Mrs. Warman of Swinton; Miss Waite and Miss Rouston.  Four – Miss Waite, Miss Rouston, Miss Osguthorpe and Miss Smith – were each asked to read a selected passage and subsequently Mr. Snelgrove as chairman of the Panel, announced the judges’ decision.

Miss Waite received early congratulations from her beaten co-finalists and the judges were later complimented by members of the invited audience.   The final was not open to the general public. Each competitor had been invited to bring two friends, or relatives, and it was felt that by that means, absolute fairness would be extended to each.  It is also a matter of interest that the judges were not aware of the identities of any of the candidates before the decisions were made.

Fifty finalists had been invited; 47 notified their intention of appearing. A request had been made to those unable to do so to communicate with head office; their failure to do so excluded the possibility of inviting three reserve choices to take their places.

Her “Maiden Speech”

The evening’s competitors and guests were welcomed by Mr E. D. Turner, Joint Managing Director of the “South Yorkshire Times” Series of newspapers and the cheques to the winning finalists were presented by Mrs. E. D. Turner.  Mr Harold Briggs, Circulation Manager of the Series presented bouquets to Miss Roberts and Miss Halatt and at the conclusion “Miss South Yorkshire” was very warmly received by the audience when she made her “maiden speech”.

Miss Waite has recorded a major success in her first appearance in a concert of this magnitude. She is a Clerk to the raw materials section of the costing department at Samuel Fox & Co. Stocksbridge. An old student of Stocksbridge Modern School, she is deeply interested in music, though admitted that so far she had been too shy to take part in any stage production. She will have a host of good wishes when she represents our wide circulation area at the Bridlington final in August.

Miss Houston is elder daughter of Mr and Mrs. J. Rouston of Woodhouse Mill and is still attending Carfield Secondary School. She too is interested in singing and has taken examinations up to grade 5. She hopes to continue her musical career on leaving school. She has some experience of stage work in dancing class concert programmes.

Miss Osguthorpe, who is 21, is younger daughter of Mr and Mrs. C. Osguthorpe of Bolton-on-Dearne and is well known in the Dearne area as Principal of the Dearne School of Dancing. She was a member of the area beauty team who took part in concerts with South Elmsall area girls and was in the final placings when a Dearne Labour Queen was chosen. She is an ex-Wath Grammar School girl.

Miss Waite’s expenses at attending the Bridlington final, at which finalists from all parts of Yorkshire will appear, will be met by this series of newspapers and she will be provided with a silk sash denoting her area choice. Winner of the Bridlington final – “Miss Yorkshire 1951” will receive £50 and a cup. There will be second and third prizes of £25 and £15 and all unplaced finalists will each receive £5.