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Minister Leaving.

June 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 23, 1939

Minister Leaving.

Mexborough is shortly to lose one of its Free Church ministers, the Rev. Colin Gibson, B.A., who is to take over duties at Hartington Road Free Christian Church, Buxton, at the beginning of August, Mr. Gibson’s mother, Mrs. C. Gibson, who has worked hard for the Mexborough and Bolton Free Christian Churches during her son’s three years ministry here, will go with him.

A native of Liverpool, Mr. Gibson went to Melbourne, Australia, at an early age when his father was appointed Professor of Philosophy at Melbourne Grammar School and Melbourne University. He was educated at Melbourne Grammar School and Melbourne University, where he studied in the school of Germanic languages. He obtained an Honours B.A. degree in 1933, and determined then to enter the ministry. He spent three years at Manchester College, Oxford, and Mexborough was his first appointment. He has travelled extensively in Germany.

Mrs. Gibson has taken an active interest in the churches during her son’s stay and is also a scholar, having taken courses in classics and Sanskrit at Girton College, Cambridge. She has studied in. French and German Universities.

During his stay the Rev. Colin Gibson ,has taken great interest in the local Free Church Council and has been president, and is now secretary of that body.