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Massive Overdose of Hundred Tablets Resulted In Suicide

January 1970

South Yorkshire Times, January 31, 1970

Massive Overdose of Hundred Tablets Resulted In Suicide

A Bolton Youth, who committed suicide last October, had attempted to kill himself a fortnight earlier a resumed Mexborough inquest heard on Friday.

Eighteen-years-old  Raymond Martin, of 38, Furlong Road Bolton, was depressed, but was unable to tell his parents and friends why. Early in October, he attempted to cut his wrists, but failed to commit suicide.

He was admitted to Mexborough Montagu Hospital and when he was discharged he was given tablets for his depression.

His father. Mr. John Martin miner, said: “My son never really got over my wife’s death in 1963 He was depressed and said I was too distant with him.”

On October 21st, Raymond has been for a drink with his friend Vincent Blake, also of Bolton who said they had made arrangements to see each other the following week. On his return home. Raymond took an overdose of anti-depressant tablets, and the following morning his sister, Mrs. Brenda Jordan, found him dead in bed.

Dr. G. D. Powell, pathologists, said: “The deceased died from cardiac respiratory failure following taking a massive of drugs – some 100 anti-depressant tablets. The effect of this drug was enhanced by alcohol, although he had only drunk about four pints of beer.

Raymond had taken tablets equivalent to almost six weeks’ supply.

Recording his verdict the Doncaster District Coroner. Mr K.D. Potter, said: “The deceased took a massive overdose of tablets while the balance of his mind was disturbed.”