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Marconigrams – May 15th 1931

May 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 May 1931


The Bank Rate was yesterday reduced to 2 per cent., the lowest figure since 1909.

A Swinton boy of 13 very gallantly rescued another boy of the game age from drowning in the canal at Bowbroom locks.

A performance of Twelfth Night” is to be given by Mexborough Secondary School pupils in the school hall next Tuesday evening at 7.

There was an average profit of sixpence a ton on the coal raised and commercially disposable in Great Britain during the last quarter of 1930.

The biggest yet! Angler: I’ve been a member of this fishin’ club twenty year and I’ve never had anything on my line heavier than a maggot yet.

Early progress with the building of a modern senior school to accommodate 1160 pupils at Bolton was forecast at the meeting of the Bolton U.D.C.

Over the asylum garden wall. Inmate (In allotment gardener outside): “Puffin’ manure on thi ¬†rhubarb? Coom inside, man; they put custard on ahrs.”

A playground equipped with has been provided by the Hickleton Main Colliery Company for the children of Thurnscoe East, at a cost of £1,000.

Objections were made at district council meetings this week to officials being paid as census enumerators while receiving their salaries as usual as council servants.

Of 259 cases of cerebro-spinal meningitis notified in the West Hiding between 1st January and 30th April. 129 were fatal and 34 of the fatal cases occurred at the Brierley Isolation Hospital.

The travelling theatre of the Arts League of Service pays its first visit to Swinton next Thursday, and the Church Hall, is which the performance will take place is booked up for the occasion.

The Governors of the Mexborough Secondary School held their first meeting 25 years ago, on May 11th. 1906. There are only two survivors of the original board still serving, Mr. Ledger Hawksworth, of Bolton (the present chairman) and the Rev. W. R. Hartley, rector of Barnburgh.

A conference on Wednesday between representatives of the Government, the mine owners, and the miners, to consider questions arising out of the proposed Minimum Wage Bill, the prospective return to a seven-hour day, and other matters, was adjourned to next Wednesday.

A further conference of the four local authorities interested in the Dearne District Light Railway will be held at Wombwell on May 29th, to consider the question of entering into a regular agreement with the Yorkshire Traction Company for the coordination of tramway and bus services in the Dearne Valley and the pooling of receipts.