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Marconigrams – August 9th, 1941

9 August 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times Saturday 09 August 1941


Midsummer Time comes to an end on Sunday when all clocks should be put back one hour.

The Queen will broadcast at nine o’clock on Sunday night.

A hundred thousand men have left the coal industry since the outbreak of the present war.

The coal industry employed half a million more men in the last year of the Great War than it employs to-day.

Concern is expressed about the coal supply for the winter. Neither the mine owner nor the mine worker will let their country down.

It is hoped that the first four young women who have qualified as bus drivers 1n Yorkshire will be issued with their licences this week.

Admiral Sir Edward Evans (Evans of the “Broke”), addressed meetings of miners at Wombwell and Rotherham last week-end in connection with his campaign in the coalfield to increase coal output.

Conisborough St. Peter’s troop of Scouts won the Baden Powell Memorial Trophy offered by Major Clark, of Doncaster, for a Scoutcraft competition for the Mexborough Local Association, and held on Monday.

Mr. J. J. Eaton has resigned his post as Press Officer in the North Eastern Region of the Ministry of Information, and has been succeeded by Mr. C. A. Black, formerly Editor-Manager of the “Doncaster Gs:tette” and “Ycirigshire Evening News” (Doncaster).

At a meeting of Wath Council this week it was stated that during a recent dry period water consumption in the town increased by 58,000 gallons, and there was an equivalent decline at the end of the dry period, thus proving that 58,000 gallons were not being used properly.

Special clothes ration cards are to be issued later in the month. The 26 margarine coupons in the old food ration books continue to do duty as clothes coupons. The new clothes cards will contain 40 coupons, making 66 in all. But 20 of those coupons on the new cards will be marked “X” and may be used only after January 1st next.

Wing – Commander Douglas Bader, the famous legless fighter pilot, of Sprotborough, was prevented by his flying duties from opening a church fete at Sprotborough on Monday. Archdeacon Stannard said that Wing-Com; mander Bader had brought tremendous honour to his country and had achieved some of the greatest work so far done by anyone towards winning the war.