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Local Tribunal “On Strike”

July 1917

Sheffield daily Telegraph July 9, 1917

Local Tribunal “On Strike”

Of the two South Yorkshire local Tribunals which early in June “downed tools,” Rawmarsh has resumed its functions, but Bolton on Dearne remains obdurate.

The Bolton tribunal’s action was taken in part of the protest against the frequency of military appeals, particularly where exemption given by the local tribunal had the support of the Advisory Committee recommendation, but it is more especially a protest against the whole Tribunal system.

The Bolton Tribunal has been urged by the Local Government Board to resume its sittings pending an effort to discuss its grievances, and this the Tribunal has declined to do. There have been interviews with representatives of the Local Government Board and of the military authority, but these have not thus far led to a settlement.

In the last resort it will be necessary for the Local Government Board to request that another tribunal be formed, and the existing tribunal will not in anyway object to being replaced – if it is possible to replace them, – which is to be doubted.

There are at the moment less than 30 cases remaining in abeyance in consequence of the Tribunal been “closed down,” but now that men are being taken in increasing numbers from the collieries, the need for the removal of this curious impasse will shortly become imperative.