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Leading Local Events in 1930 – Achievements and Disappointments – Quarter 4

January 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 02 January 1931

Leading Local Events in 1930

Achievements and Disappointments

Quarter 4


1—Mr. J. Smith, B.Sc., head of Wombwell Middle School, became organiser of mining education in Shropshire.

2—Mexboro’ U.D.C. launched scheme for erection of baths at cost of £18,000.

6—Presentation to Mr G. Coates in appreciation of 50 years’ service as organist and choirmaster, Wath Parish Church.

11—Presentation to Mr. J. H. Hesketh, on relinquishing post of manager, Houghton Main, to become general manager, Bolsover Colliery.

15—Ministry of Health inquiry into sewerage scheme for Little Houghton.

21—Thurnscoe Town Hall scheme turned down by Ministry of Health.

23—Mr. F. J. Hatswell, manager, Mitchell Main coke ovens, appointed secretary Coke Oven Managers Association.

28—Mexboro’ Green Room Club produces “Hay Fever.”

30—Farm property in Park Street, Wombwell, purchased as a site for Roman Catholic Church.

30–Sale of work in aid of Wombwell Wesleyan Church.

31—Mr. T. Dickenson retired after 33 year’s head of Goldthorpe school; succeeded by Mr. W. Legatt, head of South Milford School, Tadcaster


1—Church Army social centre opened at Thurnscoe.

8—Wombwell C.L.B. Old Comrades’ Association held inaugural dinner.

11–Remembrance services held throughout the area.

12—Conisboro’ U.D.C. announced unemployment relief schemes to cost £70,000.

15—Barnburgh Orchestra won first prize in North London Festival.

18—Thurnscoe U.D.C. obtained Bench’s order for payment of rates by Hickleton Colliery Company, though the Company claimed that an equivalent sum was due from Council on other accounts.

20—Bazaar held in aid of Mexboro’ Wesleyan Church

21—Wombwell Nursing Division won Bingham Cup, chief trophy in West Riding V.A.D. competitions.

23—Heavy lines imposed on number of members of Mexboro’ Constitutional Club for breaches of licensing laws.

27—Four authorities, owning Deane District Light Railway, approved scheme of coordination with Yorkshire Traction Co.

27—Safe bodily removed, documents and in cash stolen by burglars at Pearl Assurance offices, Wombwell.

28—Presentation to Mr. C. Hinchliffe on retirement after 26 years head of King’s Road School, Wombwell.


1—Mr, F. C. Hunter appointed chairman. Manvers Main Collieries, succeeding Capt. G. H. C. Davy, retired.

3—Mexboro’ Chamber of Trade protested against “competitive municipal trading.”

4—Bazaar held in aid of Swinton Parish Church.

4—Miners’ Federation decided against national strike to enforce 7 ½ -hour day without reduction of wages.

4—New organ dedicated at Wombwell Congregational Church.

6—Burglars removed safe and stole over £300 in cash and stamps from Kilnhurst Colliery offices

6—Mexboro Constitutional Church struck of register owing to irregularities.

9—Wombwell U.D.C. accepted State grant for completion of sanitary conversions.

11—Dearne Valley Association of Building Trade Employers annual dinner.

11—Wath Wesleyan Circuit passed resolution against charitable sweepstakes.

17—Mexboro’ U.D.C. Electricity Department replied to Chamber of Trade allegations of unfair municipal trading.

21—Nativity play, “The Way to Bethlehem” performed in Jump Church.