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Introduced at Oakwell

February 1958

South Yorkshire Times February 1, 1958

Introduced at Oakwell

Eleven  years old John White of Dearne Road, Bolton-on–Dearne, saves programs as a hobby, and it led to the most thrilling day of his life.

When glancing through a Barnsley FC programme, he spotted the appeal by Mr. J. Richards, the Barnsley football club chairman, for funds to install a £20.000 floodlighting system at Oakwell.

Immediately John went to his money box, took out half-a-crown, and sent a postal order to Mr Richards, enclosing with a letter written so neatly that Mr. Richards later complimented him on his handwriting.

Imagine John’s surprise and excitement, when a few days later, he received a letter from the Barnsley chairman thanking him for his donation, and inviting him to meet Mr Richards at Oakwell, and to look round the club.

Needless to say, John accepted the invitation and on  Saturday afternoon, before the game started, John was taken into the dressing rooms by Richards, and was introduced to the Barnsley and Fulham teams. who were only too willing to sign his autograph book.

He was then taken into the Board Room where he had a cup of tea with the Directors.

Mr Richards said John was the first junior to contribute to the fund. In his letter of thanks John said:

“It was a day I shall never forget. I hope other junior supporters will rally to the Floodlight Fund.”


John, besides being an ardent Barnsley supporter, is himself a keen footballer  having played in the forward line for his ‘House’ at Dearnside Modern School, Goldthorpe, and what he lacks in size he certainly makes up for in enthusiasm. His great ambition at the moment is to become an international footballer. John has found a novel way of “training” during these dark winter nights. He takes a tennis ball and prictices ‘scoring goals’ by kicking it into the fireguard!

He has great admiration for Mr.Richards and the Barnsley football club, and he has collected 15s. from his relatives and friends for the Floodlight Fund. and there is a promise of more to come.