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Hitler Calls War Council – Peace Appeals by Pope & Roosevelt

August 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 25 August 1939

Hitler Calls War Council

Peace Appeals by Pope and President Roosevelt

Polish Frontier Clash

British Defence Bill Rushed Through

The gravity of the international situation deepened last night. Britain prepared for the worst, inflexibly determined to resist any further aggression by Germany, over the latter’s Danzig claims.

The French Government has advised those whose presence in Paris is not indispensable to evacuate the capital (according to a Press Association message).

Following peace appeals by the Pope and by President Roosevelt, Lord Halifax, British Foreign Secretary, last night emphasised that it was not the British way to go back upon obligations. In the same speech be said be earnestly hoped that in face of all the consequences of a resort to force and before any step was taken which could not be retraced, reason might yet prevail.

The Emergency Powers Bill (Defence Bill) had been rushed through the Commons and Lords and had received the Royal assent. Berlin reports last night from Reuter are that Hitler arrived from Berchtesgaden to take charge of the momentous developments now expected. Herr Von Ribbentrop, who had flown from Konigsberg, drove straight to see him.

All the Ministers and Military leaders were summoned to a war council at the Chancellery. Officials at the British Embassy packed up their belongings.

An official news agency message from the Polish frontier, reported a clash in which two men were wounded.

President Roosevelt’s peace appeal was made to the King of Italy, “In the name of unheard voices of countless millions who ask that they shall not be vainly sacrificed again.”

The Pope, broadcasting last night, “to rulers and peoples” said, “The danger is imminent, but there Is still time. Nothing is lost with peace, but all would be lost with war. Leaders, you are listening to the voice of that Christ which schooled the world in the higher life.”