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Goldthorpe Aristocrat’s 200 Prizes – “Star” Airdale

January 1934

South Yorkshire Times, January 12th, 1934

“Star” Airdale

Goldthorpe Aristocrat’s 200 Prizes

Mr. Percy Phillipson, Furlong Road, Goldthorpe, combines the diverse occupations of making coffins and breeding Airedales. The first is Mr. Phillipson’s business, the second his hobby and he still has enough leisure to serve on the Bolton Urban Council.

A representative of the “South Yorkshire Times”, who called on Mr. Phillipson last week, found that he takes just as much pride in his business as in his hobby. The subject of the interview was, however, dogs. Mr. Phillipson does not believe in keeping a lot of dogs but the few he has are among the best.  The “star” at present is “Loyal Protector,” a handsome fellow whom Mr. Phillipson would not sell for £200.  In five months showing Loyal Protector has won 200 awards.  Pries including two firsts at the last Cruft’s show and a couple of firsts at the Joint Terrier Championship show at Olympia, London.

Loyal Protector’s latest success was at the Humberside Sports Terrier’s Society show where he won the cup for the best for the best exhibit (all breeds) in the show.  Mr. Phillipson believes that in Loyal Protector he has one of the best specimens of the breed in England.  He has already had several tempting offers for the dog, but is reluctant to part with it, for he and Mrs. Phillipson have grown quite fond of it.  Loyal Protector’s kennel companions at present are The Club who started his career by winning a third at Hull, but is not such quiet an aristocrat as his senior, and three engaging little puppies of whom Loyal Protector is the sire, and among whom Mr. Phillipson hopes to discover another champion.

Mr. Phillipson whose father was a breeder of all types of terriers, has been breeding Airedales for the last years and as an amateur has held his own at the shows with some of the best in the professional ranks.  He has received enquiries about his dogs from all over the world and two have been sold abroad.  Dauntless Lad, winner of 150 show wards, went to Illinois for 50 guineas and Mr. Phillipson sent an unshown sister of Dauntless Lad to Trinidad.