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Golden Wedding – Mr. and Mrs C. Rhodes.

April 1919

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 26, 1919

Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs C. Rhodes.

Last week, Mr. and Mrs. C. Rhodes, of Mexboro’ road, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. The celebration was held at the Old Prince of Wales, Rawmarsh, the residence of their son, Mr. A. H. Rhodes, and was confined to members of the family.

There were present: Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rhodes, two sons and two daughters, Heysham Harbour; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cooper, two sons and three daughters, Pleasly; Mr. W. B: Rhodes, son and wife, Morecambe; Mr. G. Rhodes, son, Bolton-on-Dearne ; Mr. and Mrs. Garbutt, daughter, one son, one daughter, Bolton-on-Dearne; Mr. A. H. Rhodes, son and wife and one son, Raw-marsh, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Donaldson, daughter, two soles and two daughters, South Elmsall; Mrs. R. D. Ashman and son, Rawmarsh.

At the conclusion of the repast, the old couple received the congratulations of their family, and grandchildren, of which there are 17, and two great grandchildren.