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Frontless Home Has ‘Em Looking Twice

April 1970

South Yorkshire Times, April 11th, 1970

Frontless Home Has ‘Em Looking Twice

Visitors don’t have to knock on Mr. Patrick Brammers front door to find out whether he is at home, for they can tell as soon as they are within 20 yards of the house. In fact, as soon as they get within sight of the house, in Furlong Road, Bolton, they can see virtually into every room…for Mr. Brammer’s house has no front!

Propped Up

The trouble started some time ago when subsidence began to affect houses in the area, particularly Mr. Brammers home, 227 Furling Road, which had to be propped up with timber.

Huge cracks appeared in the walls and water pipes burst and eventually the situation got so bad that the N.C.B., who have accepted responsibility for carrying out repairs, decided that the whole of the front of the house would have to be knocked out.

Mr. Brammer, his wife and daughter have been moved into another Council house just around the corner in Park End Road while the work is completed.


“Passers-by used to stare in amazement at the house as it became more and more crooked,” said Mr. Brammer, who works at Manvers Main Colliery “Now it has no front in it, however, it has become a danger to motorists. Many of them are so astonished as they drive past that they forget to watch the road.”

“The Coal Board have agreed to pay for redecorating and the cost of moving out of the house but we have spent a lot of money on it and it is very upsetting to see this happen” he added.

Dearne Council’s Housing Manager, Mr. K. M. Watson, said that there had never been any danger of the house collapsing, but it had become so bad that it was necessary to completely rebuild the front wall.

Mr. Brammer and his family have been told that they should be able to move back into their home in about three months.