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Floods Near Mexbro’

November 1888

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 14 November 1888

Floods Near Mexbro’

Yesterday the riven Don and Dearne were again swollen, and much land was submerged.

Between Mexbro’ and  Denaby the Don was level with the top of the banks, and at one point, near the M. S. and L. Railway, the water had broken through the embankment. This was at the spot where the disastrous flood occurred a year or two ago, when the substratum of the railway was washed away, doing immense damage.

However, the permanent way there has been raised and solidified so that there is no likelihood of a repetition of anything of the kind there.

A large quantity of water was “out” near Gray’s Bridge, where there is a subsidence of land, owing to colliery operations.

In the Dearne Valley, from Bolton-on-Dearne to Conisbro’, there was an unusual flood, and many acres of land were one sheet of water, the highway to Melton being threatened.

At Conisbro so great was the rush of water where the river unites with the canal that the towing path for some distance was under water, and the volume of flood over the weir was so great as to render navigation a matter of extreme difficulty.