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Ex-Boxers in Trouble

November 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 23 November 1912

Ex-Boxers in Trouble

A well-known men in the Bolton and Goldthorpe district, Richard Parkes, one time “Iron” Hague sparring partner, and ex-pitmen’s champion, was summoned, along with another miner named Willoughby Leach from Bolton, with causing a breach of the peace by fighting at Bolton, on the 9th November.

P.c. Duncan saw both men in Angel Street exchange blows. They knocked each other down.

Parkes appeared, and said if anyone was brought unwillingly into the bands of the law it was himself. “We agreed,” be added to go over the fields and fight, but when we got the street he (Leach) said ‘ I am going to have mine here.’ He pulled off his coat, jacket, and waistcoat in the blazing light. I was on one aide and advised him to go home, but he wouldn’t. He same straight up to me, gave me three punches, so I said ‘I think it is time I had a smack in.’ I had a punch at him but missed, and he missed me; and up came Duncan and clicks him. It is the first time I have ever been before a bar of justice, and I have lived in Goldthorpe for 15 years. I have always used civility. There were not more than four or five blows struck at the outside. And was I to stand there to be struck at? He asked the Bench. “What was I to do?”

Chairman: You could have summoned him for striking you.

The defendants were bound over in 40/– to keep the peace for six months and pay the costs. Leach did not appear