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Don and Dearne Valley Borough Councils

October 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 09 October 1919

Don and Dearne Borough Councils

The two big amalgamation schemes in the Don and Dearne valleys, which, if carried out as proposed will convert about sixteen urban district authorities into a couple of boroughs, are steadily forging ahead, though some of the participating authorities are somewhat nervous and have not quite made up their minds.

Wath Council originally favoured throwing in its lot with the Don Valley scheme, which includes Swinton, Mexboro’, Kilnhurst, Denaby and Conisborough, but later withdrew’.

The idea which gained currency was that that withdrawal was due to the fact that Wath could not rule the roost.

The representatives of Wath then took interest in the Dearne Valley scheme, which includes Bolton and Goldthorpe, Thurnscoe, Wombwell. West Melton, Darfield, Great and Little .Houghton. Hickleton, and Barnborough, and it was thought that the matter was practically accepted fact.

It is now stated that Wath has notified Bolton that the Council will not attend any more amalgamation conferences, and the reason this time is understood be due to fact that Wath believes that before borough or county borough powers can be obtained the whole of the Urban District Councils concerned will have to throw in their lot’ making one Urban District Council.

This the Wathites consider to too risky in case the big scheme ultimately falls through, and they have withdrawn froth the conference.

Should the schemes be successfully carried out will either be left in the-cold, or else will compelled to join either one or the other valley towns.